The SINGHA BEER story told in a Mural Painting

Wall Panel 1    
Singha Wall Panel 1  

With plans to build the Memorial Bridge linking Bangkok and Thonburi in 1929, Praya BhiromBhakdi, who had a thriving ferry busines carrying commuters across the river, foresaw that his business would be greatly affected.

On a visit to the Paul Pickenpack store, he savoured one of their imported German beers, and became interested to learn more about the beer business

  This Panel #1 shows Praya BhiromBhakdi drinking beer with the German General Manager of the Paul Pickenpack store, next to the Chao Praya River, with Praya BhiromBhakdi's ferry sitting by the riverbank. Behind is the incomplete Memorial Bridge being built then. The river water is drawn in brown because the actual colour is brown from the mud beneath.
© Bing Soravij BhiromBhakdi 2012  
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