The SINGHA BEER story told in a Mural Painting

Wall Panel 3    
Singha Wall Panel 1  

At one of the King's movie nights at Ambhorn Villa, Praya BhiromBhakdi had an audience with His Majesty King Prajadhipok (Rama VII), who was very much interested in the new mega project that would create hundreds of new jobs for the people, and finally give Thailand her own beer.


This Panel #3 shows Praya BhiromBhakdi sitting on the floor next to His Majesty the King, as is customery in the Thai Court culture.

King Prajadhipok was interested in new technologies, and there were plenty at that time, with the movie cameras being one of them. He regularly held movie nights at the palace, as well as at Chitralada Villa at the Dusit Palace, showing home made movies made by His Majesty as well as other notable individuals at Court.

The panel depicts the Ambhorn Villa, His Majesty's principle residence, above.

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