The SINGHA BEER story told in a Mural Painting

Wall Panel 4    
Singha Wall Panel 1  

In 1932, His Majesty the King granted democracy to the Thai people.

Praya BhiromBhakdi embarked on a half-year long visit to Europe to learn more about brewing, and to acquire machineries for the new brewery.


This Panel #4 shows His Majesty the King granting democracy to the Siamese people. Praya BhiromBhakdi had an audience with the King earlier in 1932 before leaving for Europe, taking His Majesty's advice of acquiring new specially made machineries rather than buying used ones, believing that the cost of fixing the old machines will eventually be more than the perceived savings made in the beginning. The bottom section shows Praya BhiromBhakdi travelling through Europe.

© Bing Soravij BhiromBhakdi 2012  
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