The SINGHA BEER story told in a Mural Painting

Wall Panel 6    
Singha Wall Panel 1  

The Royally granted loan was collected at the Grand Palace on 20 June 1933, the same day as the first coup d'etat to overthrow the first democratically-elect Thai Prime Minister. The collection truck made it to the palace, and to the bank safely thereafter amidst entourage of tanks out and about in Central Bangkok.


This Panel #6 shows Praya BhiromBhakdi receiving the loan in cash from Chao Praya Sri Pipat Ratana Rajakosathibodi, the King's highly trusted man in charge of the Royal Purse. Below is the truck heading out of the palace amidst soldiers and tanks overthrowing the Prime Minister.

© Bing Soravij BhiromBhakdi 2012  
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