The Queen Sri Bajarindra Diamond Riviere Necklace
HM Queen Sri Bajarindra wearing the diamond necklace
Three strands of the diamond riviere necklace
HM Queen Sirikit with the Queen Sri Bajarindra necklace
The necklace with two "Hongsa" shoulder clips, once part of the Tonsure jewels

HM Queen Indrasakdi Sachi is with a larger strand of the three


HRH Princess Bejaratana is seen wearing one of the three strands as well as the diamond fringe necklace/tiara and the Thai-style tiara
The picture above shows Queen Sri Bajarindra wearing three strands of the diamond necklace. Only one of the strands seems to have passed onto the present Royal Family. It is unknown where the other two went to, but most possibly to her sons.