As many kings of Siam/Thailand had many royal children, some numbering hundreds, the royal jewels were dispersed to many families, and only a few important pieces remain in the royal collection. The many beautiful jewels are difficult to trace as not many of the decendents have the opportunity to wear them today. The collection here are some that are traceable and some from historic photographs. Her Majesty Queen Sri Bajarindra, King Rama V's Regent Queen, was welknown for her love of jewels. The King, who was the first Thai Monarch to visit Europe, brought back many beautiful pieces, notably from Cartier in Paris and Faberge of Russia, though their identities remain a mystery. Nevertheless, the collection shown here are impressive enough, so please enjoy them.
The Queen Sri Bajarindra Diamond Necklace
The Queen Sri Bajarindra Diamond Fringe Tiara/Necklace
The Queen Sri Bajarindra Sapphires
The Queen Sri Bajarindra Diamond Belt
The Queen Sri Bajarindra Pearl Necklace and Diamond Drops
The Queen Rambai Barni Emerald Suite
Emerald Necklace/Brooch
Diamond Pieces
Diamond Necklace and Brooch
Cabochon Ruby Necklace
Nine-Gem Necklace and Enamel Brooch
Cameo Brooch/Pendant
Sapphire Suite
Siamese Ruby Necklace
Emerald Pendant
Thai-style Gold and Diamond Jewels
Ruby Suite
Modern Diamond Tiara / Necklace
Other Ruby Pieces 
Unusual Ruby and Emerald Necklace
Diamond Floral Tiara
Turquoise and Sapphire Set 
Other Diamond Pieces
Emerald Suite
Indian Jewellery
Magnificent Ruby Suites
Pink Sapphire, Emeralds and Pearls Suite
Emerald and Gold Tassel Suite
Thai Gold and Yellow Diamond Necklace
Amethyst Set
King Prajadhipok's Emerald Belt
The Chakri Belt
The Thai-style Tiara
The Nine Gems Belt
Jeweled Sash
Diamond Necklace
Ruby and Diamond Set
Carved Emerald Necklace