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His Royal Highness Prince Chakrabongse Bhuvanath, Prince of Bisnulok, was born on 3 March 1883, 40th child of His Majesty King Rama V and 4th child of Her Majesty Queen Sri Bajarindra.  He was educated in the Royal Palace, and then was sent to England.  During King Chulalongkorn's visit to Russia, His Imperial Majesty the Tzar Nicolas II of Russia, a close friend of King Rama V, invited the king to send a son to be educated in mighty Russia, under the care of the Tzar.  Prince Chakrabongse was chosen and soon, after learning Russian in England, he went to Russia.  He was looked after by the Tzar much like another son, and was given a room at Tsarskoye Selo. He finally became a Colonel in the Hussar Regiment of Emperor Nicholas II of Russia.

The prince was known as a favourite son of both the King and Queen.  He represented his father on many foreign visits, such as to the wedding of Crown Prince Wilhelm and Crown Princess Cecilie of Prussia, the funeral of King Umberto I of Italy, and the Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary of Great Britain.

The Prince of Bisnulok was a member of the Privy Council to King Rama V and VI, Chief of the General Staff of the Royal Siamese Army, Minister of War, and Heir Presumptive to the Throne during King Vajiravudh's reign.  Today, he is respected as the "Father of the Royal Thai Air Force".

He was married in Constantinople, to Mom Catherine Chakrabongse Na Ayutthaya (nee Ekaterina Desnitskaya), a Russian.  His only child was HRH Prince Chula Chakrabongse.

Prince Chakrabongse died in 1920 at a young age of 37.

สมเด็จฯ เจ้าฟ้าจักรพงษ์ภูวนาถ กรมหลวงพิษณุโลกประชานาถ

Prince Chakrabongse Postcard Prrince Chakrabongse and family
Prince Chakrabongse Postcard, given to me by Fui Tirada Satayaraks Prince Chakrabongse, his wife Mom Catherine and his son, Prince Chula Chakrabongse, Bangkok
Presentation Portrait of Prince Chakrabongse Princes Bira and Chula, with Praya Bhirom Bhakdi
A signed portrait of Prince Chakrabongse Prince Bira, the Siamese Race Car Champion, with Prince Chula Chakrabongse and Praya Bhirom Bhakdi, at Chakrabongse Villa, after Prince Bira's car show in Bangkok, December 1938
Prince Chakrabongse's Diary

A paragraph from Prince Chakrabongse's diary, recording the news of the sudden death of Prince Pravitra, December 1919


Prince Chula Chakrabongse

Prince Chula Chakrabongse was born on 28 March 1908, and was the first grandchild of The Queen Regent Sri Bajarindra. He was sent to England for his education, first attending Harrow and then Trinity College, Cambridge. He later married Elizabeth Hunter, who became Mom Elizabeth Chakrabongse Na Ayudhya. The prince represented Their Majesties Kings Rama VII, VIII and IX on many occasions, notably the funeral of King Albert I of Belgium in 1934, the funeral of King George V of Great Britain and the Coronation of King George VI, as well as the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The prince was also known for his White Mouse racing team, featuring his cousin Prince Birabongse Banudej as his driver, and together they made Siam famous in the motor racing world. Prince Chula died of cancer on 30 December 1963, aged only 55 years old.

พระเจ้าวรวงศ์เธอ พระองค์เจ้าจุลจักรพงษ์

Prince Chula Chakrabongse's only daughter is Mom Rajawongse Narisa Chakrabongse, owner of River Books, producing many books on Thailand. One famous book is The Royal Family of Thailand which chronicals the descendants of King Rama V, and is regarded a the bible of Thailand's Royal Family. Another books is Katya and the Prince of Siam, which tells the story of Prince Chakrabongse and Mom Catherine, and gives the reader a glimpse into life in Siam and Russia back then.


Lords of Life Book Royal Family of Thailand Chakrabongse Rolls Royce
Above: 1960 Rolls Royce once owned by Prince Chula
1st Edition book, "Lords of Life" written by Prince Chula Chakrabongse, about the Chakri Dynasty, published in 1960 Left: The book "Descendants of King Chulalongkorn" is the most complete in listing the descendants of King Rama V, and is like a bible of Thailand's royalty to many
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