60 years on the Throne. 60 years of continued Love and Respect. 60 years of Trust.

Old photo compositions that have been in circulation in Thailand for sometime now:

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Not many Kings, or people, of this world can command such. I should not say command, as HM the King Bhumibol Aduyadej did not command anyone to love or respect him. His actions has drawn that from the population of Thailand all by itself, no matter what age, sex or religion they are of. The past 60 years has certainly not been long enough for most, and we all wish it will be 60 more. In those 60 years, the King has seen 21 Prime Ministers come and go, some came back, some went into oblivion. Yet the King continued on, with little power to his name under the system of Contitutional Monarchy. But in a democratic world, democracy is the power of the people, and the people give that power to the King. Therefore, with power or not, it does not really matter when it comes to their King. The King did not have to prove anything. Action speaks louder than words. His love for his country and people is undoubtedly real, and no governments of Thailand has ever shown that complete and selfless love that can even come close to that of the King's. I think that explains it all, really, why the people of Thailand has loved and will continue to love King Bhumibol.
This page acts as a kind of scrap-book of articles, photos, collectibles that have been in circulation in Thailand from times past, and more recently, and of the big celebration in June 2006, where Royals from 25 countries attended. With only 28 other countries in the world with ruling monarchs, it could be seen as quite an achievement having had nearly all the representatives of the world's Royal Houses under one roof!


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Thursday 8 June 2006
5 pm Buddhist merit-making ceremony for the decesed Kings, Queens and Members of the Chakri Dynasty, Amarindra Vinitchai Throne Hall, Grand Palace
Friday 9 June 2006
10 am Brahmin ceremony in homage to the deceased Kings of the Chakri Dynasty, Anatasamakom Throne Hall, Dusit Palace
11 am Audience with HM the King. Millions of people gathered at the Royal Plaza to pay their respect to their beloved King. HM step out onto the balcony at the Anatasamakom Throne Hall, Dusit Palace
Evening Lighting of candles around the Kingdom for our beloved Monarch, and fireworks display
Saturday 10 June 2006
5 pm Buddhist and Brahmin Ceremonies to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of HM the King, Amarindra Vinitchai Throne Hall, Grand Palace
Their Majesties the King and Queen on the balcony of the Anantasamakom Throne Hall, 9 June 2006
Monday 12 June 2006
1 pm Formal Reception at the Anatasamakom Throne Hall. HM the King greets Members of the Foreign Royalties.
5 pm Royal Barge Procession  
Tuesday 13 June 2006
7.30 pm Royal Banquet in honour of Members of the Foreign Royalties, Chakri Maha Prasat Throne Hall, Grand Palace