The Siamese Culture
A Part of the Siamese Collection

The Siamese Showcase is a collection of arts, tales and practices, that may be strange to some, fascinating to others, but definitely interesting. It is may be a bit shocking to many, but nevertheless, it was part of the Siamese culture, and is part of the Thai culture today. I very much hope that you will find this section interesting and informational.

Yantra Yantra and Tattoo Art

Yantras are differently drawn geometric symbols believed to have the power of different kinds of protection for the wearer or carrier. Many people have these symbolic images tattoo onto their bodies, as permanent protection. These mystic symbols are believed to have spiritual, astrological or magical benefits based on the tantric traditions of the Indian religions.

Palad Kik Penis Worship
Quite an interesting one here. Should definitely get some attention! Interestingly, many saw it as an embarassment to the foreign visitors, and have tried to banish the "temples" or places of worship, and may be even the beliefs itself. It still exists today, but not as widespread as in the old Siamese days.
by Bing, since 2010