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Praya Bhirrom Bhakdi's 3 sons continued his legacy, in turn passing the founder's and their teachings on to the 3rd and 4th generations of the family. Highlights of their careers are shown here, beginning with Vidya Bhirombhakdi, who worked with Praya Bhirom Bhakdi since the old ferry business days. He was later sent to study Finance and to study the Soda Water market in England after the brewery was set up. He launched the Singha Soda Water and saw sales and marketing before the 3rd generations stepped in. Prachuab Bhirombhakdi was studying to be an architect in France but soon shifted to study beer making in Germany when Praya Bhirom Bhakdi visited Europe in 1933 to source for a builder for the brewery as well as for raw materials. He soon became the first Thai brewmaster and lead the company through what is now remembered as Boon Rawd Brewery's golden years. Chamnong Bhirombhakdi, the youngest of the three, left for England to study Finance after Praya Bhirom Bhakdi's death in 1950, and lived through the Asian financial crisis of 1997 that saw the lowest point in the company's history, and as Chairman of the Board again saw Boon Rawd's comeback as Thailand's beer leader.

ZOne 5 - The 3 Sons
Zone 5 - Pra Bhirom Bhakdi
One of the important documents shown here is the registration of the Bhirombhakdi surname. After the 1932 Revolution, the new government finally abolished the use of the old aristocratic titles. Praya Bhirom Bhakdi immediately changed his surname to "Bhirombhakdi", his aristocratic titular name bestowed by the much loved and respected King Vajiravudh, in remembrance of his past achievements as well as wanting to create his own family line. The titular name of Bhirom Bhakdi was also used by his father, Chom, who became Pra Bhirom Bhakdi during the reign of King Chulalongkorn (Rama V), a civil servant working in the office of the Trade and Diplomatic Relations with China.
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