Yantra, or cabalistic writing, comprises different symbols written in Sanskrit, representing different mystic and earthly powers with the intention of protecting the holder or wearer. It can come in different forms: as an etching on a flat piece of metal, ink drawn on a piece of cloth, or as tattoos on different parts of the body.

Yantra Forms:
Circle represents the Buddha's face, or the Brahma's face in Hindu
Triangle represents the three worlds (physical, subjective reality, objective knowledge) in Buddhism or the three Hindu Gods
Square represents earth, water, wind and fire
Pictured represents the gods or deities, humans or animals as depicted

Once the yantras have been drawn, there will have to be a consecration ceremony with specific incantations for the yantra to serve its purpose. With no ceremony or incantations, the yantra will be just a picture with no powers.


Yantra Meanings:
Front Name Power Back
Pra Ratana Trai Win against all enemies, bring about respect, compassion and admiration
Buddha Khun Protection against all evil
Kan Sakod Protection from thieves entering the home - should be drawn on a piece of cloth and place above the bed, or drawn on pillows
Maha Siri Mongkol Auspicious and good luck to the wearer
Yod Mongkut (Crown top) Protection from all types of danger - good to be drawn on a head scarf or a cap
Barami Pra Buddha Chao (Bhuddha's charisma) Protection from bad ghosts and spirits, and other dangers to the home
Maha Sawang This yan is normally etched on iron or bronze sheet, place in water to produce holy water, and pour over a person, to protect them from danger, illness and bad luck
Metta Maha Niyom Bring about kindness, compasion, and mercifulness from everyone the wearer meets, even if the other person is full of anger, it will calm him or her down
Maha Ud Protection from danger, and bring in compassion
Ha Yod (Five spires) Protection from all danger, this yantra may be drawn on a cloth of a flag
Karavague Bring about kindness and compassion, affection and passion, especially good for job interviews, actors, singers, or monks
Takrud Maha Ra-ngup Protection from danger, bullets, swords, knife, and if the wearer has pure thoughts and energy, it is beliefed that the wearer can become invisible
Takrud Tone Worn in a small container around the neck, use for protection against all weapons
Arvut Tang Si (All 4 Weapons) Worn in a small container around the waist, for protection bad ghosts and spirits, illnesses, and has healing power from all forms of sorcery
Pokasup Keep in the place where you keep your money and valuables or wallet, and it will bring material luck
Paya Hongs Thong (Gold Bird Lord) Bring about kindness and compassion, love and popularity
Paya Rajasri (Lion Lord) Drawn on a handkerchief, and keep at all time, brings about power, fear and respectability
Paya Sua (Tiger Lord) Drawn on a handkerchief, and keep at all time, brings about power and charisma, and protection from dangerous animals in the forest
Paya Hanuman (Monkey King) Bring to the wearer invulnerablilty
Tao Ves Suvarn Place outside, at the front door, for protection against bad spirits, and can protect and heal against sorcery
Nang Kwak Place within the office or place of business, and will bring in profit
Prachao Pleng Rasmi Bring about love and good energy, can be written with face powder on a board, erased, and powder the face to create good vibes
These are just a small portion of the yantras in existance. Many people use them as tattoo arts. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but can become protection symbols, as well as magical, bringing luck to those who sport the tattoos. It is something quite serious in Siam and present day Thailand, and not to be looked upon otherwise. The Thais have a saying that "Believe in something or not, one should never look down on it," and "One should never criticise something one do not know anything about." Respect all things will always bring about good wishes.
Samples of Yantra as Tattoo arts:
Yantra Tattoo
A Muay Thai Boxer with a Yantra Tattoo
Angelina Jolie with a Thai Tattoo Master


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